Happy Patients

Happy Patients2019-02-28T14:38:08+00:00

Listen to What Patients Say about……MSI

I felt a member of a family, doctor is honest and scientific, his main concern if patients welfare, I happy  with What I did, I look younger, and feel   more confident


I was surprised that such an  advanced center is  in Egypt, the professionalism,  the  academic background of doctor,  and courteous reception are obvious


It is well equipped advanced center compared to abroad, Prof Moawad listen to his patient and built a mutual trust and I am so happy with the results


The reputation of the center is well known to many  friends, I came for face fat transfer, fat was extracted from unwanted area, so happy to get rid of it,


I did many  procedures for face and hair, the most noticed is how they deal with patients, cleanliness, system, advanced equipment and organization.


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