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Advanced Diagnostic Tools

advanced diagnostic Tools

Although most skin diseases can be diagnosed with simple visual inspection, laboratory investigations are necessary in several clinical circumstances. This contribution highlights the usefulness of routine diagnostic procedures that are often overlooked and the innovative methods of molecular biology, which are expensive and require an experienced staff. Among the classic diagnostic investigations are (1) the use of Wood’s light in many dermatologic disorders (eg, vitiligo, pityriasis versicolor, erythrasma, porphyrias), (2) cytodiagnosis of Tzanck in dermatologic practice (eg, herpetic infections, molluscum contagiosum, leishmaniasis, pemphigus vulgaris, basal cell carcinoma, erythroplasia of Queyrat, Hailey-Hailey disease), and (3) microscopic examination for fungal and bacterial skin infections as well as for mite infestation using potassium hydroxide, simple saline, and Gram stain.

According to estimates from the American Cancer Society, melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, was responsible for an estimated 8,650 deaths in the United States in 2009. Of growing concern among dermatologists is the fact that melanoma is now the most common form of cancer for young adults 25-29 years old and the second most common cancer in adolescents and young adults 15-29 years old. Early diagnosis is the key to curing this potentially deadly disease, and diagnostic tools are playing a crucial role in aiding dermatologists to spot melanomas at earlier – and more curable – stages

Total-body photography is an important tool used by some dermatologists in the surveillance of high-risk individuals who may develop melanoma. For example, having numerous moles puts an individual at high risk for melanoma.

Another less commonly used method of following change with pigmented lesions is mole mapping. With this technology, suspicious moles can be digitized with dermoscopy cameras and re-imaged at three- to six-month intervals to determine if any changes in characteristics have occurred in this time.

Over the past 15 years, researchers have studied technologies that could accurately diagnose pigmented lesions, with the goal of developing a reliable, non-invasive diagnostic tool to aid dermatologists in the early detection of melanoma. One such device, the computerized image analysis system, uses a computerized analysis algorithm for the automatic diagnosis of melanoma.

Wood’s light, polarized light, video-dermatoscope, and Venoscope are first used to diagnose red spots, brown, black spots, white spots and your skin type.  Wood’s Light is essential to detect skin Pigmentation in photoaging, Polarized Light is used to detect red and dark skin spots, Dermatoscopy enlarge abnormalities of hair, nail and skin hundred times & evaluate moles, Venoscope is used to see blood vessels.


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MSI Skin Care Products (Cosmeceuticals)

MSI skin care products

Products designed for cosmetic care are an important part of dermatologic therapy for their ability to maintain the integrity of the skin, hair, and nails, as well as to beautify appearance. Cosmeceutical products may be purchased at specialty stores at a cost in excess of $100.00 per ounce for the finished product. Consumers willing to pay premium prices for such products have high expectations that the purchased product will function as claimed and will meet their expectations for aesthetics and elegance. To satisfy consumer demands, the formulator must select a cosmetic active agent that will be compatible in the most appropriate vehicle. This is a daunting task, because the formulator must select from several hundred ingredients that can be incorporated into various prototypes.

At MSI we did our homework and is offering specially formulated cosmeceuticals to our patients to address their problems. With more than 20 years’ experience in , skin rejuvenation , dark skin spots, acne patients, acne rosacea patients with sensitive skins, eczema, hair loss, pre, during and after cosmetic and laser surgery.

The protective function of human skin imposes physico-chemical limitations to the type of per-meant that can traverse the barrier. For a drug to be delivered passively via the skin it needs to have adequate lipophilicity and a molecular weight<500 Da. These requirements have limited the number of commercially available products based on trans-dermal or dermal delivery. Various strategies have emerged over recent years to optimize delivery and these can be categorized into passive and active methods. The passive approach entails the optimization of formulation or drug carrying vehicle to increase skin permeability. Passive methods, however, do not greatly improve the permeation of drugs with molecular weights >500 Da.

In contrast active methods that normally involve physical or mechanical methods of enhancing delivery have been shown to be generally superior. Improved delivery has been shown for drugs of differing lipophilicity and molecular weight including proteins, peptides, and oligonucletides using electrical methods (iontophoresis, electroporation), mechanical (abrasion, ablation, perforation), and other energy-related techniques such as ultrasound and needless injection. At MSI we have it all Prof Moawad is taking great steps in delivering active cosmeceuticals to skin of his patient adopting latest technology in skin availability of actives and novel methods of substance delivery. His goal is to provide  effective amount of an active to the skin target site and thereby optimize efficacy while minimizing side effects.

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Mommy Makeover

A “mommy makeover” is the familiar term for a personalized set of cosmetic procedures designed to help a woman address common effects of childbearing and aging on the face, breasts, and body and restore or improve upon her pre-pregnancy appearance. Mommy makeovers can include cosmetic surgery, non-surgical treatments, or a combination of both. It is most popular combination plastic surgery techniques, designed specifically to address common issues faced by women who have been through pregnancy and breastfeeding. The surgical technique has found its way into mainstream media with it becoming the procedure of choice among Hollywood elite. One reason for its popularity is that the mommy makeover has no set components; each procedure is custom-tailored to fit the individual patient’s unique needs. However, the surgical approach generally starts with a breast and abdomen contouring procedure, then adding additional elements as needed.

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Men and Cosmetic Surgery

The world places a high value on looking young and fit, that is why cosmetic surgery is up and men are a big part of the increase.  More and more men today are having cosmetic surgery to help them look younger and attractive. Like their female counterparts, they have discovered the benefits of cosmetic surgery not only personally, but also professionally.

Men seem to be changing their attitude about several issues that seemed previously to be the preserve of women. Feeling the need to look youthful and appear dynamic well into your 40s, 50s and 60s has led to men re-thinking their attitudes to pills, diet, exercise, face-care products and cosmetic surgery.

In a society that values youth, 50-year-old executives are competing with younger, fitter and more competitive 30-year-olds, who are often willing to work harder, and for less money.

One 40-year-old sales executive felt that his baggy eyelids and tired looking appearance affected his peers’ perception of his ability to perform his job.  “Every morning I would go to work and someone would ask if I was tired and asked did, I get enough sleep.

In the business world the feeling is if you look tired or don’t take care of yourself, people think you can’t keep up.” But, it’s not just busy business executives in fear of losing their jobs who are filling the cosmetic surgeon’s waiting room.  On the home front, men are also finding they want to keep pace with younger-looking wives.

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